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Financial Market News

15 October, 14:32
NBU’s Comment on PrivatBank’s Victory at Court of Appeal in London
The NBU welcomes the ruling of the Court of Appeal in London that confirms that the English court has the jurisdiction to hear PrivatBank’s lawsuit filed against its former owners. The court ruling comes as good news for Ukraine’s taxpayers and economy. The court’s decision allows for continuing the work to safeguard PrivatBank’s interests and reimburse its depositors for the funds that were illegally withdrawn from the bank before it was nationalized. The ... more...
10 October, 15:30
NBU September 2019 Inflation Update
In September 2019, consumer inflation declined in annual terms – to 7.5%, down from 8.8% in August. In monthly terms, prices grew by 0.7%. This is according to data published by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (SSSU).  Actual inflation was below the projections (7.7%) published in the NBU’s July 2019 Inflation Report. Core inflation, as well as administered prices and fuel prices, grew slower than expected in September, primarily thanks to the continued appreciation of the hryvnia. That has ... more...
03 October, 14:19
Government and NBU Sign Memorandum of Cooperation to Achieve Sustainable Economic Growth and Price Stability
The NBU and the Government of Ukraine have signed a Memorandum between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the National Bank of Ukraine on Cooperation to Achieve Sustainable Economic Growth and Price Stability (UKR). This document will underpin the joint efforts of these institutions in achieving price stability as a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth in Ukraine. In addition, cooperation between them will further improve the expectations of households and businesses, ... more...
01 October, 14:13
Planned FX Purchase Interventions on the Interbank Market Increase to USD 30 Million per Day
In Q4 2019, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) intends to buy up to USD 30 million per day on the interbank FX market in order to raise international reserves. That is USD 10 million more than the quantitative indicator applied in Q2–Q3 2019. As FX market conditions have been favorable throughout most of the year, the NBU can replenish international reserves without interfering with the hryvnia exchange rate determined by fundamental economic factors. Overall, in January–September ... more...
27 September, 14:24
The Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Ukraine Adopt Bloomberg Bond Auction System
The solution will help improve transparency and expand the investor base. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, in conjunction with the National Bank of Ukraine, have decided to offer government bond auctions via Bloomberg's Auction System (BAS). This will facilitate the participation of local and international banks operating in the primary market for Ukrainian government bonds. “Macroeconomic stabilisation and the continuous efforts to reform the way government ... more...
19 September, 15:17
NBU Is Finalizing Approval of Candidates for Supervisory Boards of State-Owned Banks
The NBU has approved a number of candidates for supervisory boards of state-owned banks based on the results of tests and interviews conducted by the Qualification Committee jointly with the NBU Board. In particular, the following candidates have been approved this week:  PrivatBank JSC Sharon Iski (chairman of the supervisory board)Eran Klein (independent director)Nadir Shaikh (independent director)Sebastian Shonaikh-Karolat (independent director)Olga Tomash ... more...
10 September, 15:11
NBU August 2019 Inflation Update
In August 2019, consumer inflation declined in annual terms – to 8.8%, down from 9.1% in July. In monthly terms, prices fell by 0.3%. This is according to data published by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.  The actual inflation figure was close to the forecast trajectory published in the NBU’s July 2019 Inflation Report, but was still above it, after deviating from it during the previous month. The slight deviation was primarily due to faster-than-expected growth in food prices. In addition, in ... more...
09 September, 15:08
NBU Cancels Limit on Foreign Investors’ Repatriation of Proceeds from Selling Securities and Equity Rights
As part of the FX liberalization and for further improvement of the investment climate, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has canceled a monthly limit of EUR 5 million set on the repatriation of the funds received from selling securities and equity rights as well as the funds received from a reduction of authorized capital of a legal entity or a foreign investor’s exit from an economic partnership. In addition, new items have been added to the list of transactions that may be executed ... more...
25 August, 14:31
NBU Keeps 2019–2021 Inflation Forecast Unchanged, Improves Growth Forecast
Inflation will have declined to 6.3% by year’s end and will reach the target range of 5% ± 1 pp in early 2020 and the medium-term target of 5% in late 2020, the NBU estimates. Ukraine’s economy will grow steadily in 2019–2021, at a projected annual rate of 3%–4%. For details, see the NBU’s quarterly Inflation Report dated July 2019. The NBU has left the inflation forecast unchanged from the projection it made in April. The rather tight monetary conditions will continue to ... more...
24 August, 14:29
Joint Discussion with Market Players Launched on New Legal Framework for Payments Market
On 23 July 2019, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) presented to bankers the vision of the new legal framework for the market of payments and money transfers. At the meeting at the NBU Deputy Governor Sergii Kholod noted that the purpose of revising the legal framework for payments is to boost competitiveness, multipurposeness and flexibility of this market. “New game rules on the market are expected to stimulate quality and innovation of payment products and ... more...
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